The Career Guidance and Counselling Handbook for primary and secondary school teachers is the continuation of activities of the National Euroguidance Centre. In 2014, the first issue of the handbook was published by the Foundation Tempus following an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and in cooperation with the Belgrade Open School. It contained CG&C activities teachers can implement with students at school. The aim of such activities is presenting good practices to aid teachers and  professional associates in designing and implementing CG&C activities. The handbooks are to be as practical as possible, so they contain ideas for specific activities students can participate in, such as workshops, lectures, forums, organised visits, job shadowing and other activities that can be of use to students in terms of obtaining information and making decisions on their further education and career. Handbook was also published in 2019 and 2020. The newest issue (2023) contains 16 activities designed by teachers and professional associates working in Serbian schools. The integral document or individual activities can be browsed and downloaded from the Activity Database available on the website of the Euroguidance Centre.

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