The importance of cooperation, networking and exchange of experiences among European practitioners, experts and decision-makers in the field of career guidance and counselling has been recognised within the Euroguidance Network, which organises traditional annual Euroguidance Cross-Border Seminars.

The initiative began in 2005. Eleven European countries take part in annual two-day seminars on current topics related to career guidance and counselling (each year in a different country). Each member of the initiative contributes to the seminar by sending one or more experts to hold interactive workshops on the agreed topic, presenting innovative and good practice examples, striving to encourage seminar participants to analyse them in the context of their own, specific needs.

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Since 2017, the Euroguidance Network has been organising webinars for career practitioners, including teachers, professional associates, career counsellors and other individuals working on different topics within the CG&C field. Webinars give participants an opportunity to become familiar with projects, initiatives, policies and practices in schools and other institutions and organisations across Europe. In addition to providing a possibility to obtain information, the webinars also enable participants to network with colleagues from other countries. Since webinars take place online, they are available to everyone with a computer and a stable internet connection, regardless of their physical location.

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As part of the National Euroguidance Centre’s and Information Centre’s work, the Foundation Tempus regularly organises activities aiming to support students of final grades of primary and secondary schools who are to decide on their further education: secondary and post-secondary education respectively. The activities encompass workshops, webinars and presentations on topics such as information on career options, self-assessment of interests or personal characteristics, decision-making, as well as on other topics relevant to students who are about to transition to a higher level of education or to the job market. Teachers can organise the participation of their students as part of regular school activities, such as homeroom classes or activities of the career guidance and counselling team.

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