Euroguidance center in Serbia organizes a large number of different activities for career practitioners as well as others interested in career guidance and counselling. A significant number of activities are targeted at teachers and professional associates in schools, such as training programmes and individual consultations and publishing of handbooks and similar materials for practitioners. Euroguidance center in Serbia organizes each year National conference on career guidance and counselling for career practitioners from education sector but also, employment and youth sector. For career practitioners from different institutions and organizations, Euroguidance centre organizes each year National Career guidance Awards. This is Euroguidance network initiative launched by Euroguidance centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Euroguidance centre in Serbia joined this initiative for the first time in 2016. The aim of the National Career Guidance Awards is to promote good practices in the area of career guidance. Euroguidance centre in Serbia cooperates with Europass centre and they both accredited 7 in total seminars for teachers in primary and secondary schools on the topic of career guidance and counselling and presenting skills and competencies.

In addition to this, Euroguidance centre organizes activities targeted at pupils in primary and secondary schools who are having career dilemmas and questions.

As other centres, Euroguidance in Serbia participates in network level activities as well, supporting organisation of webinars for practitioners on the European level.

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