Euroguidance is a European network for support to career guidance and counselling. Activities of the network are provided by the National centers that implement their activities in 36 European countries.

All Euroguidance centres share three common goals:

  • to support the development of the European dimension of lifelong guidance
  • to support competence development of guidance practitioners and raise their awareness on the value of international mobility
  • to provide information and communication on the European dimension of guidance

Different centres put emphasis and plan different activities and tasks depending on a national context, but they share the following common activities:

  • supporting networking of guidance practitioners through the organization of seminars, training programmes, and study visits on different topics on a national and international level
  • promotion of cooperation among different stakeholders in guidance and education
  • supporting the development of the European dimension in the national guidance systems
  • providing quality information on international mobility opportunities, education, training, and guidance systems on the European level, European initiatives and programmes within these fields, innovative working methods, and good practice in the field of lifelong guidance, etc.

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